Make Money on Overbooked Flights

Hi there fellow travelers! So we all know that overbooked flights have been swarming trending media platforms since the United Airlines incident, but some helpful tips seemed to speak from the disaster.

As I was mulling through my morning ritual of reading a few of my favorite handy travel blogs, I came across this fantastic article by TravelPulse that was just too good not to share with you.

The only thing better than saving money while you travel is MAKING money while you travel!

Bump a flight and money will “fly” into your hands [gif from moneyandblog]

In my experiences, I’ve either used frequent flyer miles, or booked so far in advance on low travel days that I’ve managed to escape the oversold flight chaos, but there is a first for everything. After reading through these tips, now I know what to do, and how to set myself up in the best position for a worst case scenario.

Some of these tips I preach daily, and have in my own tips and tricks on flying, but some I haven’t. Traveling on popular holidays is something I try to avoid, but perhaps I should think twice about if I’m not in a rush.

Also, it’s important to note what they say about travel vouchers. I look at travel vouchers like store credits. They’re great at the time but what happens when you don’t end up using them? Are there expiration dates and black out dates to work around? It’s smart to avoid these and opt for credits to your cards and at the most take food vouchers like this writer did, and I love how the writer reminded us that these things can be easily prepared for. It’s like I’v said before, the best deals require the effort!

Ultimately, I recommend this read to anyone who loves to travel or at the very least, loves to make money! Until next time, happy travels (and earnings)!


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