Top East Coast U.S. Camping Spots to Try for 2017

April 1st is literally five days away and I could not be more excited because April means that May is less than a month away and May means CAMPING!

Sure that was wordy but I just can’t help myself. As I always like to say, when the warm weather comes around so do some of the most adventurous travels. Last May I spent a week up in New Hampshire camping in the mountains, hiking and of course visiting North Conway. This May I have the same intentions except a different destination.

Here are the places, I’ve decided, I will choose from as my destination for this year’s trip, and I encourage you to check them out too!

A picture of Hammonassett State Beach on my visit there. [Photo taken by me]

1. Hammonassett Beach, Connecticut

Okay so I must admit I have been here before, but I loved it so much I MUST go back. This state beach backs an enormous state campground that has everything from fire pits, to trails, to stores and even cabins for those 21 and over. It’s a super family friendly site offering movie nights and kids nights to keep little ones busy, but for young adults like myself and those older looking for an adventurous getaway it’s just as entertaining. During the day the beach is a very short walk from anywhere on the campsite so whether you want to sun bathe, swim or fish there’s something for everyone. For those of us who are hikers rather than beach bums, they have walking trails throughout the backside of the site where you can wander off and explore some of the great wildlife of Connecticut. Late at night, grab your flashlight and find a quiet spot away from the main buildings to lay down and stargaze! The rates are fair and if you bring your own food your camping for practically nothing. Who knew this gem was hidden on the southern CT coast?

2. Lakewood Camping Resort, Myrtle Beach

Here is a new spot even for me. This place is a busy and family-oriented campground with its tent and RV sites along with villa and rental properties but sometimes going to an inclusive campsite has its perks. For example, this place as a water park.

A bit of camping cuisine. What’s a campfire without S’mores?
Yes, water park. If you prefer nature camping then this probably isn’t for you but still I encourage you to branch out and try new things. You can still enjoy camp-cooked meals and snacks and perhaps bring them to the park with you! Besides the locations is right next to the beach so you can always escape to the sea. For me this would be a fun road trip down to South Carolina, plus Myrtle Beach is on my bucket list, so it’s definitely a good consideration.

3. Wild Duck Campground, Scarborough, Maine

If you are looking for a quieter site then this might be for you. The Wild Duck is an exclusive camping (tent) and RV park near the Maine coast. I LOVE Maine (let’s face it I love a lot of places) but something about the northern Atlantic Coast is thrilling. Maybe it’s the cold water, I don’t know.

A photo of my last camping setup from May 2016. Tent + fire pit + table = happiness!
This campground puts you right on the edge of the Scarborough river and is barely a drive from the ocean offering roads to three different beaches. They also have nature trails on site and some cool ponds and swamps to explore on foot or in a kayak or canoe. Nearby are some of Maine’s gorgeous lighthouses and ferry rides (another bucket list item) to explore during the day or even at sunset if you want that romantic setting. Also, they offer a spring discount on rates so its a great place to save some money and stay thrifty! (This is also a high contender for me because I seriously can’t get enough of this state.)

Camping in the woods versus camping by the beach are two totally different experiences and I encourage you to try both, no matter if you’re a “beach” or a “mountain” person. Stay tuned for more on where to go for a night in the wilderness too! Wherever you wander with your tent (or RV) I’d love to hear from you some of the great places you like to camp! Always be sure that you have the supplies you need and some great camping recipes (more on that later) and you stay safe! Getting lost in the woods or being stuck in the dark can really put a damper on things. Happy Travels!


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