A Week of Our Beautiful World From Twitter: 10 Photos to Take Your Breath Away

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes this gorgeous planet we live on gives us sights that are breathtaking no matter who you are. Below are a variety of images from across the globe taken by our fellow travelers that I found are just too stunning to not be shared.


Bali, Indonesia had just made my bucket list of places to go!


Canada is definitely underrated for its manmade and natural beauty. The water, the snow in the winter and all of the architecture in its cities are a must-see.


Would you look at that coastal view?? And the blue water?? And that sky?? I’m in love.

So that’s technically four photos but what a view! I don’t know if I could live that high up!


With my heritage being rooted in Italy, I have always wanted to travel to the country and I know that someday I will. Venice is so unique that there can’t help but be natural beauty in it.

Like many of the coastlines here in the U.S., a Florida beach at sunrise is a remarkable view!


Cape Town, South Africa is here to show us that some of the best beauty is found in nature alone.


“Another sunset in Galicia, Spain.” I’ve had the opportunity thus far in my life to travel to Spain, but I didn’t have the chance to see a sunset on the coast – looks like I’ll be going back!


This photographer captured earth and sky in this picture in the mountains of Hawaii, and it might be like nothing I have ever seen!


“Cartagena, a beautiful fishing village on the Caribbean coast of Colombia” – a statement I very much agree with.

As I continue to post I can’t wait to share some of my own pictures I have taken in my own travels, but looking at these ten have been inspirational for me. I have always found it true that pictures are worth a thousand words and in those words I believe we can find ideas, insight and encouragement to get up and go see the world we live in no matter where we are now! That’s my motivational speech for the day so until next time, enjoy these lovely sights and share your own pictures; we always need more inspiration! Happy Travels!


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