Spring Break Madness: When Your Destination is Home

Hello March! Glad to see you!

I remember back in high school when March meant this dreadful month of antagonizing impatience as June still felt eons away. In college, March has a completely different vibe as it comes with the sweet relief of spring break. Many college students take the time to get away with friends and family or embark on school sponsored trips with peers. For others its simply a vacation from classes back in your hometown. This year, I am option two. Good ole’ Rhode Island here I come!

For those of you who are with me, about to migrate home for a week it can seem like you’re in for a week of boredom. I’m here to remind you that like anything else, spring break at home will be what you make of it! Or if you’re not in college, maybe you’re looking for something to do at home as the weekends get warmer! Whoever you are, check out this list of activities that are exciting, available right at home, and best of all- Free!

A deer wandered very close to my boyfriend and I as we explored the woods behind Fort Wetherill. [Photo taken by me]

1. Explore on a trailblazing hike!

You can find hiking trails just about every where and most of them are free to the public, so that’s a great place to start if you prefer a relaxing activity. If you’re like me, though, and have an adventurous side, go make your own hiking trail! No, don’t go cut down trees and plow paths in the woods, but instead wander off the beaten path. Discover the wooded areas that aren’t visited often, you can see some pretty beautiful sights that way. For me I love to explore the overgrown military fort, Fort Wetherill, by the water in Jamestown, RI. Wherever you go, I strongly advise doing this with a friend. Make sure you tell someone where you’re headed, bring a compass and a flash light, and plenty of water. Be careful for trespassing, and always be safe! If you’re in the New England area, check out this great blog for local reservoirs to visit!

Hiking to one of my favorite picnicking spots on Mt. Monadnock in N.H. [Photo taken by my boyfriend]

2. Have a picnic!

Grab some friends, a partner, a spouse, even a pet and make some food. Pack it all up with a blanket and either hike out or drive out to you’re favorite spot for picnic. Not only are you getting out of the house or the workplace for a natural change of scenery, but you’ll get quality time with the people (or pets) you love all while eating. What’s better than that? Personally, I love doing this on a local beach, but parks, meadows, or even backyards are great options too! Which actually brings me to number 3…

3. Head to the beach!

Sure it’s March, so the water is way to cold for your average beach-goer like myself, but as long as you don’t mind a little wind, sinking your toes in the sand is just as wonderful now as it will be in the summer. As someone who LOVES the beach, this is my favorite choice. Living in Rhode Island means there are beaches everywhere, but sandy banks near rivers, lakes, and ponds are just as satisfying. Since it’s the offseason for coasts more north, there aren’t usually any parking fees to visit the beach, but this may differ depending on where you’re from.

A walk on Narragansett beach in R.I. from spring break last March! [Photo taken by me]

4. Stargaze!

This seems a little cliche, I know, but finding a quiet place away from the hustle of the town to sit down and look at the stars is really breathtaking. If you’re of age, grab some beer and friends and head out to an open spot or even the backyard to check out the night sky. (Always designate a driver though if you’re leaving the comfort of your home.) If you’re not, then just as well, pack some snacks and round up your friends, or significant other if you’re looking for a date night. Check here for different constellations you might be able to find!

All of these are activities I have done with friends and I have created different amazing memories with each one! If you try one out or if you have other activities you like to do in your hometown, feel free to drop them in the comments, I’d love to hear about your experiences!


3 thoughts on “Spring Break Madness: When Your Destination is Home

  1. Nice Article! I’m actually heading to Venice Beach for the second part of spring break but these are great ideas for the first half. I don’t think I’ve ever really had a real picnic, so maybe that can be on my to-do list for this break. I’m sure a lot of people can use these tips, great job.

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