3 Amazing Spring 2017 U.S. Travel Destinations and Why

Spring, whether it be spring break or just the warmer months of March through June, is one of the best times of year for travel, especially the U.S. Northern states are beginning to thaw and by May are at a comfortable 70 degrees, while southern states have temperatures still cooler than a blistering and humid 90 degrees. No matter where you go, you’re in optimal weather range (despite a bit of rani perhaps).

So according to my own experience, and my fellow bloggers, where are the top 3 places to go in the U.S. this spring?

1. Washington D.C.- Spring is a time when flowers bloom all over the world.

Blossoming Cherry Blossom trees frame the Jefferson Memorial in Washington Wednesday, April 3, 2002. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
In D.C. during the spring, usually between March and April, you can see over 3,000 cherry blossom trees open into their full pink petals, spreading a blush hue all over the city. Besides that, D.C. is also a hot spot for its museums and tours of the nation’s capital. In a time of high political stimulation, D.C. is great for the hungry debate addict. I can vouch personally, that D.C. in April overlooking those pink trees from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier can move you to tears.

2. Napa Valley, CA – Vineyards in the spring means harvest, and harvesting vineyards means wine. YUM. Wine country is great for those old enough to go taste the fruit of the land while those not-so-21 can still enjoy other adventures like the food, the stables and the views! Remember the Lindsey Lohan Parent Trap remake? Well, you’re lying if you say you don’t want to gallop through grape vines like Annie did with good ole Dad. Now, I can’t say I’ve been here myself, but it is certainly on my list.

In this photo taken May 31, 2016, a tram brings visitors up from the Napa Valley floor to Sterling Vineyards in Calistoga, Calif. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

3. New Orleans, LA – So you might not make it there for Mardi Gras, but even without the beads, masks, and unprecedented amount of booze New Orleans is an entirely different world. Also on my list, New Orleans is in the deep south with the bayous, the plantations and the large white columned homes to prove it. Mix the views and the history with the swinging night life for both the young and the old and you have a vacation destination like no other. New Orleans also has their famous French Quarter (though a wild hot spot) where you can get the taste of two cultures in one place, what’s better than that?


3 thoughts on “3 Amazing Spring 2017 U.S. Travel Destinations and Why

  1. Ali, I really like the variety of places you have on here, these are definitely places I wouldn’t think to visit in the Spring. I also enjoyed how all of the places are so culturally different and the Parent Trap reference of course.


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